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    Are you a Gatekeeper or a Facilitator?

What's the difference? I was recently working with another Scouter on a scout's advancement in rank and had a most interesting experience. I was initially impressed at his diligence in ensuring that our scout had met all the requirements for advancement. However, as time went on it seemed more that he was looking for any minute detail that might be cause to deny the scout's advancement. It got me thinking about the difference between a Facilitator and a Gatekeeper.

Gatekeepers are an interesting lot. Their whole function seems to be that of obstruction. They stand obstinately at the gate and refuse passage to those who do not meet their requirements. When one has met their requirements, the Gatekeeper is left without function and is essentially useless (and often bitter). Facilitators, on the other hand, are what we should aspire to be for our scouts. Based on his knowledge and experience, a Facilitator's function is to guide and direct those who haven't yet risen to the full requirement. The Facilitator doesn't say, "No, you can't pass." he says, "You're not ready yet but, here's how you could be...". The Facilitator doesn't stand as a guardian of the gate but is there throughout the journey helping, guiding, encouraging, coaching and directing. When a scout and met the requirements for passage, the Facilitator finds the way to make it happen. It's important to ensure that the scout satisfies the requirements for passage, but when he does, it's even more important that he see that his leader is just as excited about his success as he is. 

Let's not allow the Gatekeeper mentality to enter into our dealings with our scouts. Lets view our tenure of service as an opportunity to facilitate the passage of boys to young men, not an opportunity to abuse what small amount of power or authority given us.

Jim Stevens - Troop 592


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Firebird District Eagle Counselors


Wiley Ahlstrom Area: Buckeye, Az. Phone: (623) 734-7826 Wileyahlstrom@yahoo.com
Lee Berg Area: Buckeye, Az. Phone: (623) 877-0088 lberg@cox.net
June Fish Area: Goodyear, Az. Phone: (623) 266-9070 junefish925@gmail.com
Robert Fleming Area: Buckeye, Az. Phone: (623) 907-8196 Robert.Fleming@bannerhealth.com
Bret Harrison Area: Yuma Rd. & Cotton Ln., Goodyear. Phone: (623) 547-6239 bret@troop992.com
Richard Hauck Area: 99th Ave. & Camelback Rd., Az. Phone: (623) 772-9326 R_hauck@hotmail.com
Dan Hernandez Area: Litchfield Park, Az. Phone: (623) 547-0030 Dan.B.Hernandez@Honeywell.com
Michael Nay Area: West Glendale, Az. Phone: (623) 872-1962 mike.nay@gmail.com
Dave Price Area: Litchfield Park, Az. Phone: (602) 689-6355 daveprice43035@gmail.com
Michael Redfern Area: Buckeye, Az. Phone: (623) 691-6925 brerrabbit_346@hotmail.com
Tim Smith Area: Litchfield Park. Phone: (623) 935-6471 Azalfalfa@aol.com

Firebird District Eagle Board Chairman:
Richard Smith
Area: 83rd Ave & Bethany Home Rd. Phone: (623) 877-2331 jsmith2104@cox.net

Lake Pleasant District Eagle Board Chairman:
Chris Collins Area: 83rd Ave & Thunderbird, Peoria. Phone: 623-979-5810 clcollins@cox.net

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